Review: Irresistible Blurbs by Siri Caldwell

Irresistible Blurbs Book Cover

Publisher: Brussels Sprout Press
Publication Date: May 25, 2020
ISBN: 9780997402346 (ebook), 9780997402353 (paperback)

I was provided a review copy of Irresistible Blurbs: How to Write a Book Description Romance Readers Will Love by Siri Caldwell. 

This book is a great addition to my reference library. The focus is on writing blurbs for romance. It is filled with practical advice that can be applied right away. I really like books that explain concepts with examples and I appreciated seeing blurbs from the different sub genres of romance. While several structures for creating blurbs are presented, the author points out that there is no one way to create a blurb and that one could get as creative as one wants as long as it works. After reading this book, writing a blurb doesn’t feel as daunting. 

This is a reference that I will refer to often.

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Author bio

Image of Author Siri Caldwell

Siri Caldwell has devoted much of her career to wrangling metadata (keywords, titles, abstracts, etc.) related to scientific publications, so when she turned to writing romance novels, then indie publishing, it was natural for her to obsess over how to optimize her novels’ metadata. Irresistible Blurbs: How to Write a Book Description Romance Readers Will Love arose from that quest.

Author website


About Irresistible Blurbs

Don’t lose sales with a less-than-ideal book description. With the right cover copy, your book can be irresistible. 

In this practical guide, you’ll learn to write: 

* an engaging tagline 

* a compelling opening 

* an intriguing ending 

You’ll also learn: 

* how to distill your plot into a short, exciting blurb 

* the power of word choice 

* the crucial role of genre-specific cues 

* the impact of hiding keywords in plain sight 

* 3 tried-and-true formats 

* 2 fun outside-the-box formats 

You’ll find focused advice on what works for romance novels as well as tips you can use no matter what type of fiction you write. With lots of real-life examples and helpful dos and don’ts, this is your go-to guide to writing a book description readers will love.

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