Bird Singing to Cat

Here is our bird singing on top of the cat. They get along fairly well but I would never leave the two alone in a room together.
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4 thoughts on “Bird Singing to Cat

  1. Yeah, that side-eye from the cat is problematic 🙂 Although I’m not saying the bird wouldn’t deserve it. Singing on top of a cat, indeed. With these two and the snake (hilarious story, by the way) you should write a children’s story!

    1. You are the second person who suggested I write for children/YA. My daughter mentioned I should try writing YA. I’ll have to see what I come up with after I finish my current book.

      We’ve had the bird since he was a baby and he never developed the life-saving fear of cats. The cat adopted us and he likes to hunt. It has come to my attention that the children have left the cat and bird alone together. Maybe the cat no longer sees the bird as an appetizing meal. Still, I told them not to take those kind of chances.

      There was a bit of pet drama in our home yesterday. Sepia, the hamster escaped from her cage. Now, if the cat had gotten to Sepia, it would have been a tragedy. Sepia is a very lucky hamster for she was found by my daughter first.

      A cat, a bird, a hamster, a snake and fish. There’s a children’s story in there somewhere.

  2. My goodness, all kinds of predator possibilities in that menagerie. A cat who likes to hunt is very likely to “play” with a bird, a hamster, or a fish. Not sure about the snake, depends on the size. If it is small then that too. The problem is not so much eating any of the other animals as just killing them because he/she can and thinks its fun.

    When DH and I married, I had two Akitas. He had three cats. After four months we were able to socialize them enough they could be in the same room together with us there. However, I would have never felt comfortable leaving them alone. I know the Akitas would win and not have a clue as to why the cats stopped moving.

    1. The cat has been left alone with the bird in a room. I’ve had to tell my kids they were taking chances and leaving him alone with the bird could prove to be too much temptation.

      He is a fairly easy going cat but he can be unpredictable at times.

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