Snake for the Summer

I was at work back in June before the school year ended when I got a call from my daughter.

“Mom”, she said, “Can I bring the snake home from school for the summer? No one else in my class will touch it.”

Her statement regarding no one else in her class would touch it should have been my first clue. “What kind of snake is it?”

“It’s just a small garter snake.”

“How long?”

“Oh, about two feet.”

I consulted with my husband and we agreed she could bring the snake home for the summer.

A few weeks later, I am away at a conference when I start getting texts.

“Grandma is freaking out about the snake.”

Later on my husband texts me a note: “This is not a small snake.”

A few days later, I arrive home and met the snake. It turned out the two foot garter snake was really a four foot ball python.

© Cynthia Young and cynthiayoungauthor, 2013.